Save up to 80%
compar to rental costs

mooring costs

technical service costs











* 3800 for reparations incase you break anything
minimum subscription of 12 months, if you book 36 months 10% off

** no accumulation of further months


Aluminium Power Boats – light and fast
We ensure you will always have a boat
New boats, never older than 18 months
Be a member of a club formed with cool people

Be part of our unique club membership events every year
without license packages

Passion it´s our driver

Our popular boat club on Mallorca in Club de Mar Palma

Boating is your passion! You are often in Mallorca a year and do not want to miss out on the mega boating fun during your vacation or stay!

We are the boat club for lovers of cool boats on Mallorca. With our Cool Boats Club directly in Palma on the dream island Mallorca you can enjoy boating to the fullest!

Become a member of our boat club and all difficulties, such as a boat charter in the high season or costs for berths as well as the boat service will be taken care of for you.

As our club member, you can book an available sport boat 24 hours in advance as often as you like! Cruise as often as you want in the most beautiful time of the year – on your vacation – on the turquoise sea and experience unforgettable moments in Spain with family or friends.

We create the unique opportunity for our club members to anchor in a cool XO powerboat every day in a different corner of the island and to explore the most beautiful areas of the island with picturesque bays and beaches.

Top boats guaranteed for our boat club members

The boats in our fleet are new and not older than 18 months. Our aluminum XO power boats are a highlight.

The driving experience is indescribable. Due to the light construction, the boats are fast and manoeuvrable and provide ultimate fun on the Mediterranean. We also make sure that a cool boat or yacht is always available for you!

Cool Boats Club in Palma - advantages of a boat club

Be a member of our unique boat club in Palma de Mallorca with cool people and benefit from the many advantages of membership! With us you can save up to 80% compared to normal rental costs, and there are no costs such as berth fees or technical service costs for you.

By joining our exclusive Boot Club, you will be relieved of many unpleasant things. You can devote yourself fully to your favorite activity and plunge into your next adventure with our fast XO power boats.


Cool Boats Club - Cool events in Mallorca

Passion is what drives us! Our Cool Boats Club in Palma organizes unique events in Mallorca for the Cool Boats Family every year.

Here you can share your passion for fast boats with other cool people. We guarantee extraordinary experiences and mega fun at our exclusive events!

So you can enjoy the atmosphere of our hip boat club in Palma de Mallorca at one of our unique club membership events every year.

Boat club Mallorca - boats with guaranteed availability

For our cool club community we have fast motor boats and power boats of the latest generation in our modern fleet. Our aluminum power boats are light and powerful. An excursion with a cool XO boat makes for incredible fun on the water!

As part of our club community, you simply choose a date for your favorite boat and start a turn on the Mediterranean. It can not get easier! You don’t need to worry about anything else!

We ensure that there is always a large selection of new boats available, even for appointments during the high season.

If you would like to start a great time and join our club, you can find our offers on our website and choose the perfect variant for you from 3 packages No License, Gold Package or Premium Package!

We would be happy to send you detailed information on the topics of Boot Club, packages and club fees by email.
Become part of our cool community now!

The best thing to do is to contact us right away and secure your membership for wonderful experiences on the island of Mallorca with the option of starting a wonderful boat trip with the most modern boats at any time.

As part of our Cool Boats Community, you can rent a boat 24 hours in advance, if available, an unlimited number of times or book a boat up to 4-6 times a month for your holiday in Mallorca!

You are welcome to get an impression of yourself on site, you can find us in Palma directly at the port at Club de Mar.