Finally spring or summer again, the days are wonderfully warm and the best time of the year for you and all boat fans begins! Perhaps you will soon start your awaited vacation in Mallorca!

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Rent a boat in Mallorca

Finally spring or summer again, the days are wonderfully warm and the best time of the year for you and all boat fans begins! Maybe you will soon start your long-awaited vacation in Mallorca! Rent a cool boat, such as an extravagant sports boat or stylish RIB boat, and dedicate yourself to your favorite pastime, driving motor boats. Experience wonderful moments on the water, with the wind blowing around your nose. You are looking for a great experience at sea, love water sports and speed boats. Plan your highlight on Mallorca online with us: A boat trip on the turquoise Mediterranean with an ultra cool motorboat.

Rent AQS Power and sports boats - agile and fast

You can rent the coolest boats, light and agile with great driving characteristics, cheaply from us. You can find our boats very centrally in Palma at the port, right at the Club de Mar Mallorca. It doesn’t matter whether you have a motor boat license or want to rent a boat without a license. We have the perfect motorboat or RIB for you to charter in Mallorca. Boats in various lengths for 3 – 8 people and with decent power for lively driving pleasure. Discover the fantastic bays and coasts of the Balearic Island of Mallorca on a boat tour with a model of our trendy XO motor boats or trendy AQS AquaSpirit boats. Feel the exhilarating power and dynamism of the unique sports boats and motorized inflatables in our fleet.

Rent XO Boats for speed fans and special experiences

If you rent an XO day cruiser from coolboats, you can be sure that you are guaranteed mega fun at sea! Feel the rush of speed with unforgettable thrills and explore the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca from the Mediterranean. You can rent our XO speed boats all day, several days or even 1 week. We are setting a new standard for modern boating in Mallorca. We offer first-class boats for the adventurous in a breathtaking design for the wow effect in the port of Palma. Motor power and drive are tailored to you and your skills. We look for the right boat for your requirements. XO Boats impress with their outstanding driving characteristics. Do you want an exclusive power boat with decent horsepower and fast drive? Find out how easy it is to use and use our boats. If you have a sports boat driver’s license, you can rent the XO sports boats with an engine from 300 HP and more. Thanks to the extra light construction, you can achieve incredible speed when boating on the Mediterranean. Enjoy an impressive day on the water with your friends or family and feel the enormous power of the XO Boat as captain. You are also an eye-catcher in every port on Mallorca.

Rent AQS Aquaspirit boats in Mallorca - ultimate driving fun in a RIB boat

The euphoric mood when steering AQS boats is difficult to describe in words, you should definitely try it out on the Mediterranean in Mallorca. Enjoy the indescribable feeling of freedom and driving experience through the maneuverability and drive speed of the light motorboats in Mallorca. It is worth it! Coolboats is the number one address for boat rentals in Palma de Mallorca. Test yourself the feeling of racing across the sea with a RIB boat. Explore the unique bays of Mallorca on a boat trip around the island. You can rent cool RIBs from us for a half-day or day charter directly in the port of Palma at an unbeatable price. We have unforgettable experiences with the motor boat ready for you and guarantee mega fun with RIB boating!

Rent a boat in Mallorca without a license

No driver’s license – no problem! A dream of yours is to simply glide smoothly across the sea in a chic boat! For all spontaneous boat fans we have the ideal boat for lovers of motor boats in our boat rental in Palma, even without a boat license! Boats up to 15 HP, but still with power for an exciting boat trip. Rent a trendy RIB boat now at a great price! Inquire and inform now or reserve an appointment directly.